Getting Started

We want you to get the most out of Roast IQ, but before you jump in there are a few things we need you to know to help get you started:

Roast IQ needs the Roast IQ Controller

You will need one of our controllers to use Roast IQ - we have tried all sorts of out of the box solutions but found nothing met our strict criteria when it came to thermocouples and speed, so we manufactured our own.

The Roast IQ Controller is manufactured in house by our team in Melbourne Australia and comes with a 1 year warranty. For units shipped outside of Australia we are RoHS compliant.

Roast IQ is a Cloud Based roasting suite which runs directly from your web browser. To communicate with the Roast IQ Controller you need to have an ethernet connection connected to your local network near your roaster and be able to access your local network (via WIFI or Ethernet connection).

You can purchase our latest Roast Controller here

The Roast IQ Controller is compatible with the following thermocouples and features a configurable calibration and diagnostics page:

  • Compatible with B,E,J,K,N,R,S and T Type Thermocouples
  • Compatible with all 4-20 mA actuators including Kromm Schroeder, Nenutec & Belimo

Configuring the Roast IQ Controller

Configuration is simple, the Roast IQ Controller comes with fittings to allow you to simply connect your thermocouples (and optionally your actuator), set the IP address, log in and start roasting. The simple start up process, once configured, will allow you to to read and record vital roast stats including real time rate of rise, development time/percentage and automatically collect first crack and roast times and temps.
Going the extra step, the Roast IQ Controller can be optionally configured to run your roaster [requires a compatible modulation device]. This can be particularly helpful if you are production roasting in a busy roastery, allowing you to set up and edit profiles for the Roast IQ Controller to follow - invaluable for roasters who work in a team or have a large amount of repeatable roasts to to do.

Help and Support

For help and support with additional questions or queries, please conatct us by email on

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