Roast IQ Hardware

Roast IQ Controller V2

$495 AUD

Purpose built, the Roast IQ Controller supports all thermocouple types and a range of modulators. Control your roasts in real time via web interface
- No drivers required
- Support for 3 Thermocouple inputs
- Plug directly into ethernet
- Supports B,E,J,K,N,R,S and T Type Thermocouples
- Modulation Control Support built in for Kromm Schroeder, Nenutec & Belimo Actuators
- Web Configuration


$110 AUD

Manufactured in Australia
Class 1, J Type Thermocouple (ungrounded) for fast accurate and precise temperature reading.
- 3m braided steel cable
- Supplied with 8.0x1.0 metric compression fitting for easy install
- 3mm sealed pot stem for durable and super fast temperature readings
- Ungrounded to avoid interference from ignitors & static

Starter Set

$643.50 AUD

Set of One V2 Controller & Two Thermocouples
- Save 10%
- 2 x 3m braided steel cable Class 1, J Type Thermocouples
- Supplied with 8.0mm x 1.0 metric compression fitting for easy install
- 1 x Roast IQ V2 Controller