Getting Started

We want you to get the most out of Roast IQ so here are a few simple steps to getting started:

Purchase the Roast IQ Box

Roast IQ is a Cloud Based roasting suite which needs to communicate with your roaster. To do this we have built the Roast IQ Controller which you can purchase here.
The Roast IQ Controller is compatible with the following thermocouples and features a configurable calibration and diagnostics page built in:

  • Compatible with B,E,J,K,N,R,S and T Type Thermocouples
  • Compatible with all 0-10V actuators including Kromm Schroeder and Nenutec

Configure the Roast IQ Box

Configuration is simple, the Roast IQ Controller comes with fittings to allow you to simply connect your thermocouples, actuator, configure your IP address, log in and start roasting. The simple start up process, once configured, will allow you to to read and record vital roast stats including real time rate of rise, development time and percentage and automatically collect first crack and drop times and temps.
Going the extra step, the Roast IQ Controller can be configured to run your modulator. This can be particularly helpful if you are production roasting in a busy roastery, allowing you to set up and edit profiles for the Roast IQ Controller to follow. This can be invaluable for roasters who work in a team or have a large amount of repeatable roasts to to do.

Help and Support

We are a small team based in Australia and will do our best to help you configure and run your roaster with Roast IQ. Parts of the software are in development for upcoming release, but all of our existing software has been tried and tested in production roasteries in Australia for more than a year. If we can't help or you find that Roast IQ is not for you - no problem - we offer a money back guarantee - simply return the hardware for a full refund - no questions asked.